Are you searching for repair & service of central AC in Delhi NCR ? Joys Airconditioners is acknowledged as the top service provider in centralized AC Repairs and services in Delhi, Gurgaon, Manesar Bhiwadi Faridabad etc. At Joys Air Conditioners, we make it easy to schedule your Centralized AC repair & installation. It is e is very important part of cooling system care that helps keep your system operating. Repair and service of Central Air-conditioning units require the service of expert engineers and should be done under the supervision of qualified and experienced technicians.



Centralized air conditioning units are complex pieces of machinery and installation of central air condition system requires expertise and experience. We offer the Installation service of central AC systems all over Delhi and NCR. Unlike the installation of window and split ac units, central ac systems require the service of highly trained central ac engineers. Installation of central Air Conditioners my require ducting and in some cases duct cleaning may be required for effective cooling and uninterrupted performance and cost of central ac installation may be higher in such cases. In some cases, a duct cleaning alone will enhance the cooling efficiency of the units to solve the issues

Why Choose Us?

We are the leading AC Company in Delhi offering Central AC Units Installation and maintenance for the last 15 years. Central AC repair and maintenance require a high level of expertise, knowledge and experience. Our engineers are well trained with a high level of experience in repairing and service of central ac units. We are expert in repairing service of any central ac units, Indian and imported. We are the leading company for Annual for Low and High-end HVAC systems repair and maintenance.


Contact us for free quotes for any service issues related to central Ac.

Service of Central AC includes the below.

  • Free inspection and quotes at site
  • Lubrication of blower fan motors, fan blades etc
  • Various safety checks
  • Cleaning of coils.
  • Inspection and wiring and supply
  • Inspection of  capacitors and relays
  • Drain inspection and removal of obstructions if any
  • Cleaning of the condenser coil.

Whether you purchased your ac units from our company or not, we can offer yearly service and maintenance at the lowest price in the market. Contact us for a free quote from us.